ICO to Invest specializes in evaluating companies with a planned ICO.

Our analysis is thorough and objective, reviewing ICOs as potential investment objects.


Our Comprehensive Project Review is not a mere copy/paste of your white paper. Our analysts do their best to fully comprehend your project and extract every detail. If there is a point we didn’t quite get, we will get back to you for more details. It is a bilateral process. Once having understood the project, we will be getting back to you with an audit before publishing our findings or scoring your project.

The aim is to privately help you identify problematic areas of your project, its strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations on how to better present your project, iron out issues and promote its strengths in the most effective manner. This will boost trust and acceptance of your project. It will also boost your final score.

We will then proceed with preparing a report in the form of a small flier and have that predominantly published on our website along with your project listing under the ‘Reviewed Projects’ section (it includes larger lettering and logo as well as a link to our report and your website). It will also be communicated with our private investors helping them become aware of your project, get a better understanding of it and assisting them in their decision making.


Our ICO Support program provides you with the marketing secrets needed for a successful campaign. We will analyse and enhance your marketing strategy along with you. We will frequently communicate with you providing you with direction, ideas and solutions adapting as the project goes along.

Our aim is to provide you with the most effective and efficient marketing strategy possible for maximum exposure in all the right channels.


Our Basic Listing provides a quick-look review of your project making our private investors and visitors aware, as well as providing them with a general idea around your project, helping them in their decision making.

We will score your project in the most neutral and professional manner and feature your project on our website under the ‘Basic Listed Project’ section with a link to your website. The project will be re-evaluated as the ICO develops or whenever it is requested and this will be reflected on the project’s score.


Your project has the option of being advertised on our website’s top banner as well as on other distinct areas of our site.